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  • What is the most important information to know about Botulinum?

  • Botulinum toxin can spread to other areas of the body besides where it was injected causing serious side effects. Call your doctor immediately if you have a hoarse voice, drooping eyelids, vision problems, severe muscle weakness, loss of bladder control or difficulty breathing, speaking or swallowing. Some of these side effects may persist for several weeks after the injection.
  • How does Botox Cosmetic work?

  • Usually Botulinum is used cosmetically to reduce wrinkles and crow's feet. You don't die of botox. The doses used to smooth wrinkles are infinitely lower than those for neurological uses. The worst that can happen is that the patient has antibodies that very quickly erase the effects of the toxin on the skin. The lack of expressiveness is attributable only to incorrect dosages.
  • How long is the treatment?

  • After a facial analysis, the doctor can decide which treatments are most appropriate. A botulinum injection lasts about 10 minutes while the duration of treatment is limited to 6 months, a time in which the skin remains relaxed and the wrinkle does not appear.

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