What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy involves injecting substances locally at an intraepidermal level at about 0.1 to 13 mm below the skin with an especially lipolytic and lymphatic drainage action. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment. Mesotherapy is performed for the treatment of skin, wrinkles, cellulite and also for baldness. It is an ideal treatment to supplement peeling, lasers, radiofrequencies and botox injections. With mesotherapy it is possible to improve the wound healing process because it contributes to collagen production. Mesotherapy is used for both medical and aesthetic purposes.


Drugs used in mesotherapy

The most used products in mesotherapy are: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamins (zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin C, etc.), the organic silicone that protects cell membranes and helps in collagen synthesis and skin hydration, the hyaluronic acid which makes the skin elastic, luminous and hydrated, glycerin which helps hydration, phosphatidylcholine which eliminates excess fat and platelet-rich plasma that fights aging and fights hair loss. To counteract sagging skin, DMAE and hyaluronic acid are used, increasing collagen production and improving microcirculation. To treat cellulite, organic silicon is the most used substance because in addition to acting on fat cells, it regenerates the fibers of the skin and improves the "orange peel".


Why buy products for mesotherapy online?

Mesotherapy is used by Rheumatology, up to Stomatology or as Sports Medicine. In aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy allows you to treat: cellulite, facial wrinkles, neck, décolleté and hands, sagging skin, acne scars, skin blemishes, stretch marks, localized fat deposits, alopecia or hair loss. As for facial rejuvenation, the most appropriate term of mesotherapy is called Mesolift, it is a mix of hyaluronic acid and vitamins to moisturize and tone the skin, this treatment is not indicated for skins with many wrinkles or with a excessive skin laxity.

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