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Neuronox is a type A botox composed of purified toxin Clostridium botulinum, produced by Medy-Tox in Korea.


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a lyophilized white power for injection in a colorless transparent vial

Indication and Usage

Benign essential blepharospasm in adults aged 18 or more

To treat foot deformities due to spasticity in pediatric cerebral palsy patients aged 2 or older

To temporarily improve moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles related to eyebrow wrinkle muscle (corrugator muscle) and/or procerus muscle activity in adults aged from 20 to 65.

Muscle spasticity: upper limb local muscle spasticity related to stroke in adults aged 20 or more.

Main advantages

Neuronox eliminates skin problems related to high activity and muscle spasticity. It is a quality product despite costing less than the most famous American botox offering a result that lasts up to 6 months.


Neuronox 100 is used in beauty salons by removing wrinkles caused by active mimics, corrects the contour of the lips (curvature caused by muscle spasms) and solves the problem of excessive sweating in case of hyperhidrosis.

Areas of application:

Face (eyebrows, around the eyes, lip area);


Armpits (to avoid excessive sweating)


Neuronox is a botulinum toxin type A (Clostridium botulism) powder that must be mixed with physiological water for injectable solutions.