Singfiller fine: belotero under eyes and teosyal redensity 2 alternative


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Singfiller FINE 1ml is a sterile crosslinked hyaluronic acid filler at a concentration of 20 mg / ml and is indicated for treating fine lines thanks to its low molecular density. With a fine single player you can treat:

- Surface wrinkles

- Perioral lines

- Small wrinkles around the eyes

Due to its low molecular density it can be used under the eyes as the famous more expensive alternatives Belotero or Teosyal redensity II.

Other interesting aspects of Singfiller Fine are its ultra purity and biocompatibility that allow a perfect integration of the product with the skin that after the treatment will be more elastic

and natural, preventing the formation of nodules as the product is evenly distributed.

For the use of Singfiller Fine no allergy test is required as no animal ingredients are used. Singfiller is a CE marked product and is strictly controlled so as to offer the best quality at the lowest price on the market.